We Need To Stand Tall angainst Wal-Mart for many reasons.

By: Brandon Harris

Chairman - Freedom Movement USA

By: Brandon Harris Chairman - Freedom Movement USA Walmart, Facebook, Google, Apple, and many other industry leaders affect us each in different ways, yet remain the modern-day influences in the United States. Although, mainly privately owned, such entities surely have the right to project any message to the public as they wish and still operate as fully functional businesses. These conglomerates also maintain 1.4 billion shares of their own publicly traded stock. I wonder how their stockholders/shareholders feel about the newly enacted ban and associated lack of ammunition sales? Second, I question as to why this overarching threat to our second amendment is primary concern in such places- ex. Walmart, which still proudly sells alcohol and opiates. The pharmaceutical industry perceived to be regulated is, ultimately not in the hight of the growing opiate crisis. With mortality rates: 74,451 people died from Tobacco in 2018, 65,304 died from obesity. Morbidity and mortality rates of mass shootings are: 350 died in 2019, and 1544 injured. I am in no way saying this is right and my heart truly goes out to those families. However, from a factual standpoint, Walmart owns 14.5% of the US food market and with 65,304 dying from obesity that means by common thought process they were responsible for 4,503 deaths assuming this population consumed food only from Walmart. In most rural areas this is the truth. This company indirectly accounts for more deaths than mass shootings. Both shareholders and stockholders influence may or may not be of influence assuming the political stronghold relative to business operations. Even with this being said if every stockholder were to choose to reduce ammo sales and deny open carry patrons we as a people should still be skeptical. This is not a sound business/financial decision nor is it positive for patrons. What we are seeing is an industry leader swaying toward the treat of influence from the leftist, liberal views out of fear. This is the same population unconcerned for the morbidity and mortality rates relative to consumption of food from this industry leader, among several other lifestyle factors. Additionally, how is a company allowed to reduce firearm/ammunition sales without a census from stockholders/shareholders along with members? You have to ask, why is it that they do not have a duty to the American people in the first place? When you control actual mass percentages of needed resources in a nation, and you have the power to do such a thing then what's next?

What if they were to next stop selling vegan food, beef, or chicken? Then 15 in 100 kids wouldn't have a meat staple in their diet and we could do nothing? We still at this point have to respect their freedom as a business but we do not have to stand idly by and watch them reduce ammo sales and ban open carry. This is a major red flag in the United States as are our Red Flag laws. If you believe in the constitution of the United States of America and you plan to live by it and in a free nation for generations to come this is where we can make a difference. Join us and Boycott Walmart, CVS and Walgreens and their freely made choice to ask people to set aside the constitution of the United States of America at the doors of their stores. Secondly lets boycott Walmart for their failing the American people and taking as much as 6% or their 20% market share of ammo off of the shelves. This leaves taxpaying citizens again left with fewer choices and we need to say something. We need to do something or this norm in society with progress and America will regress and aim to oppress Americans even more.







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