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I’m Brandon Harris the Executive Director of Freedom Movement USA. I, as all people, know what the Covid-19 virus is capable of doing. Now that being said let’s take a real look at our nation. Covid-19 is surly scarry. We are seeing people die each and every day. But when we break down the brass tax of Covid-19 on our nation and on the world in general here is what we are seeing:

On March 26th, 2020 an article on Rd.Com by Dawn Yanke quoted Bloomberg stating that the world cost for Covid-19 was already at $2.7 Trillion dollars prior to it being a pandemic in the US. Then less than a week ago the global price of oil for the first time ever went into the negative. You can learn more in our sourced article below from USA today. Then looking at the Business Insider article TIMELINE: The tumultuous 155-year history of oil prices” we found that even at it’s lowest point oil had never gone negative in recorded history. You can find this in the graph below:

Now looking at this graph and then looking at the facts on the table we are faced with some serious food for thought. not even including today if we simply look back to an article from March by SP Global we ahve found that massive loss in a lot of economic sectors. This poll is one of many that show the fact our nation will feel the depth and pain of Covid-19 more now than ever.

Citys like Joliet Illinois are loosing as much as $1.2 Million a month in tax revenue. With a now 3rd month of shut down Joliet will have lost just from the Casino industry which had taken a 16.46% loss as of march nearly $3.6 million dollars. We are seeing a lot of changes on a national level. If we continue to see these sorts of incvreases in revenue and job loss we have less than 9 months until we see a world wide depression that could eaisly last years.

As a nation we need to open up NOW end of story!








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