Think Twice Before Counting Trump Out in 2020

Local Trump Supporters and Chairman Brandon Harris of Freedom Movement USA at Joliet Trump Rally

Think Twice Before Counting Trump Out in 2020 said Brandon Harris Executive Chairman of Freedom Movement USA Tuesday evning. Harris along with other PAC members meet late into the evning planning yet another Trump rally to add to their goal of 55 Trump rallies in comming months.

"It seems like only yesterday Trump was elected" said Freedom Movement USA Tressure Debbie Militello of Channahon also a former Will County Board Member. The crew has been on a daunting task to help set up or be a part of 55 Trump rallies in comming days. "We have rallies set up in Joliet, Morris, Pekin, Crete, Homer Glen, Orland Park and other areas" Harris stated.

So far the crew has established 22 of 55 rallies and 5 have already been completed. Next on their list is Maricopa County Illinois with Christopher Hicks as the host. " Our staff has also reached out to the Maricopa County Republican Chairman and were awaiting his responce as well", Harris stated.

For a group of Trump supporters from Will Countyu their impact has been seemingly never ending. Just this morning a picture circulated from the Joliet Trump rally in the Washington Post and there is plenty more to come in comming weeks!


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