Press Release - Freedom Movement USA Chairman Brandon Harris Calls for 100,000 To March

\My fellow Illinoians, Governor JB Pritzker and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot heard us today but they refused to budge. We came in numbers and we came strong and peacefully. I Brandon Harris AKA The Tattooed Conservative now demand they sit down with me and my board. The Governor took the time to defend our first amendment rights, but yet continues to break the law and continues to move forward with unconstitutional actions. On May 9th we will give Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot one more chance to answer us and take my teams to request a meeting. If our march May 9th does not do the job we will be marching on Prtizkers Chicago residence.

" I want to hold off until next weekend," Harris said this evening referring to his call to march on Governor JB Pritzker's residence in Chicago This Tuesday. "The Governor acknowledged us today, yet he is refusing to budge. Apparently Chicago and Springfield were not enough. We won a battle, now we must win the war" Harris stated.

Harris, 30, of Joliet Illinois is a small business owner and the Executive Chairman of Freedom Movement USA PAC based in Joliet Illinois. "My family is on the verge of losing our home and all we have due to the shutdown" Harris stated Saturday evening. "We are now so more than ever as people being tested," Said Josh Matriciano 32 of LA, California who is Freedom Movement USA'S visual media coordinator.

Harris also stated " I want to make it clear that some feel was a highly funded pack by the rich. I would love donations as we are small and grassroots, but were not the rich. We are conservative activist calling for nonpartisan participation in saving our families, homes, and business".

Harris and Freedom Movement USA hope to see thousands on May 9th at the Thompson Center for a march. " This is our last shot for Governor Pritzker" Harris stated. "Next we will march to his residents and I will not leave until the man can look me in the eye with a plan and apology for his wife and the mayor of Chicago breaking their own orders. If my family is losing our dreams due to his incompetence, the least the man can do is answer us the people".

Harris announced early last week he would be hosting a Go Fund Me fundraiser in hopes of raising $35,000.00 so he could take the year to focus on helping fix Illinois with his organization and hopes that this dream may soon become a reality.

Go Fund Me:


Please share, invite friends, and join us next Saturday again for our March! Let's get 100,000 to Chicago!


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