Kathleen Willis Chooses To Resort To Name Calling Rather Than Action for Her District

While Residents Struggle to Remain Afloat State Representative Kathleen Willis Chooses To Resort To Name Calling Rather Than Action for Her District

At 4:01 PM on April 24th a local resident of Joliet, IL Brandon Harris, 30 of Joliet made a social media post after having an order of re-open Illinois signs made. Harris the Executive Chairman of Freedom Movement USA PAC has along with many others had his livelihood pulled from under him with the Covid-19 shutdown and has decided to host protest across Illinois stating

“If you really followed the science and understood the math, you'd ease the restrictions.

Of all the people tested, less than 1 in 5 actually have it. Less than 20%. We're past the peak and we never exceeded medical capacity. In both California and New York, the new tests show more people have had then they thought. It's more deadly than the 1957 Hong Kong Flu and less deadly than the 1918 Spanish flu. Don't kill freedom and our way of life because you don't understand the science, you ignore the new facts and you want to expand government control”.

Harris made a post offering his signs for $10.00 to other residents as seen below:

State Representative Kathleen Willis responded to Harris with the following comment below:

Rather than State Representative Kathleen Willis speaking about how she plans to make a difference or even expressing her distaste in a professional manner, she decided to call Harris crazy and blame him for an even longer shutdown. Harris had a response for State Representative Kathleen Willis.

“With all that is going on, is this how we want our elected leaders to be representing our state?” Harris stated after the Facebook altercation? State Representative Kathleen Willis surely should rethink her approach to people even if they differ in opinion.

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