Freedom Movement USA Responds to False Allegations of Anti LGBT'Q Support at Crete Trump rally.

Freedom Movement USA Responds to False Allegations of Anti LGBT'Q Support at Crete Trump rally.

Saturday, February 1st, 2020 a Trump rally organized by a local Amy Perez was hosted through Freedom Movement USA in Crete, Illinois. The rally which lasted from 10 AM until Noon had a total of 110 supporters, a trailer selling Trump materials and a slue of statewide and local conservative groups including the #WalkAwayIllinois group and the Illinois Log Cabin Republicans.

It was not brought to our attention until today that a young man who is part of the LGBTQ community flag was seen as offensive. Furthermore in no way was our rally anti LGBTQ as we often work hand in hand with local and state organizations such as Illinois Log Cabin Republicans and many others.

Brandon Harris, 30 of Joliet and the Executive Director of Freedom Movement USA stated: " I have spoken with community members and they miss understood this young man's flag". He also stated: " In no way did and or do we condone the language the flag contained but again this single supporter was not with our organization of the Illinois Log Cabin Republican, he was a citizen attending an event to support the president".

Also within the last hour Ethan Slyder the President of The Illinois Log Cabin Republicans made this statement as well:

"It has come to our understanding that there is some concern that Freedom Movement USA and Brandon Harris have committed hate against the LGBTQ community at the Trump rally in Crete Illinois. We have known Brandon Harris and his organization for some time now.

Brandon Harris is one of the most caring and support of individuals we have met in the conservative movement he has always shown everybody of every race, gender, Creed, and sexual orientation with the utmost respect.

Just like any other group of people the Republican party is made up of all individuals including LGBTQs.

The following is the mission statement of Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois:

We are the home for mainstream gay, lesbian and straight Illinoisans who want to make a difference in our state and country.

We care deeply about equality, and we hold Republican views on crime, fiscal responsibility and foreign policy. We believe in individual rights rather than group rights. We believe in limited government rather than big government. We believe that free markets lead to free people and that all Americans should be able to participate fully in the political process.

For any other questions please reach out to us.

Thank You Ethan Slyder President"

Slyder and the Log Cabin Republicans quickly helped lay to rest the thought that Freedom Movement USA and or its leader Brandon Harris were \helping to organize hate rallies in any way.


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