Freedom Movement USA Moving Forward With 55 Rallies

Brandon Harris Executive Chairman of Freedom Movement USA leading Joliet Trump Rally!

Freedom Movement USA Moving Forward With 55 Rallies

Freedom Movement USA Moving Forward With 55 Rallies in the United States plan and they have 7 more already scheduled. Brandon Harris the Groups Executive Chairman stated today in a group call " we can and will meet and exceed our goal of 55 rallies, we are seeing hundreds of new republicans at every event and we can grow our party with these events".

Harris along with his team including treasure Debbie Militello and Secretary Stephen J Balich is planning a statewide awakening of the Republican party in Illinois in 2020. The crew has proven along with The Will County Young Republicans, Will County Central Committee, Will County Woman, as well as Joe Ptak, who have proven their theory works.

Rallies Bring Out The Youth and Others As Well

With 5 rallies under our belt, Freedom Movement USA now has seen 5 events with a total of 6700 people attend our events and 320 volunteers have been conntected from our efforts with campaigns. We have also seen the movement grow to strengthen our movement and local parties. By hosting events all over Illinois and the US we can continue to grow support from locals and a younger and more energetic base!

Our leadership team including Brandon Harris, Debbie, Milletillo, and Stephen J Balich plan to utilize this tool to build our organization and our local and state Republican parties!

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