Freedom Movement USA Hosted A Joliet Illinois Trump Rally In The Heart Of Democrats Territory

Freedom Movement USA Hosted A Joliet Illinois Trump Rally In The Heart Of Democrats Territory

Brandon Harris the Executive Director of Freedom Movement USA and supporters at the Joliet Trump Rally!

Freedom Movement USA held a pro-President Donald Trump rally in Joliet, Illinois on Saturday, January 11th, 2020 and 502 Trump supporters showed up. From Southern Illinois and Chicago to local Joliet residents today marked a day in Joliet's history.

By 9:00 AM nearly 50 trump supporters filled the abandoned K - Mart parking lot and in came the Trump trailer. Supporters ready to go. Brandon Harris 30 of Joliet Illinois Freedom Movement USA's Executive4 Chairman announced, "Let's get to the intersection and get this thing started". The group of 50 soon turning to 100's as they took over the corners of Larkin Ave and Jefferson St in Joliet Illinois.

The Illinois State Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider Joined the rally announcing how great it was to see so many republicans together. Brandon Harris stated " Were going to make 2020 not only the best year ever for President Trump, but also for Tim Schneider and the State Republican Party. The next 55 rallies we host will show you our state Republican leaders and our local voters, and every conservative man and woman in Illinois have had enough".

Harris and other Freedom Movement USA members announcing this right after returning from lobbying over 37 US Senators in Washington, D.C this week with FreedomWorks. "Our team has no plans of stopping, we will keep our nation great" Harris stated.

Freedom Movement USA has been making local and national headlines including " The Washington Post, The Herald News, The Joliet Herald News, WIFR, Fox Chicago and many other stations since they took off with a running head start in August!

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