FEMA in Full Effect In Illinois

Joliet Illinois FEMA testing Facility

I heard rumors that there was a test facility in Joliet at the local Walmart and as a community leader I needed to go see for myself. Sure enough we do have a FEMA drive thru medical testing center but folks it is not a hoax nor a camp where they are holding citizens.

FEMA Test Site Joliet Illinois

As I myself tend to believe at times our Nation is confusing to say the least, I feel this is F.E.M.A AKA Federal Emergency Management Agency's best attempt to help the US and it's citizens. Often FEMA is criticized for poor actions and or involved in Alex Jones style conspiracy theory's but I feel from first hand experience they are doing their job. Now by no means take me wrong if they overstep i will gladly post updates but to date this is not the case whatsoever. They continued to work with local law enforcement and citizens as I watched for hours today. I took footage with no complaints and they simply tested local fire, military, police and government officials as the day went on. I Saw nothing to show any other plans at this time. However it has been long assumed that FEMA is involved in planning to decrease American population and I firmly believe at this time this theory is incorrect.

Though if we see any changes I feel the use of FEMA as directed by President Donald Trump is essential to our safety at this time. As I went around the County and City of Joliet, my concern was more focused on the fact that no one was out.

On February 26th the first signs of Covid - 19 showed up in the USA with no known links to anyone visiting Wuhan, China and on February 28th doctors from (WHO) World Health organization called the virus capable of pandemic. Now on March 23rd 2020 that theory has been proven. World Wide to date at 12:29 AM there have been a recorded 338, 971 world wide cases, 14,689 deaths.

This virus is surely quick growing and a real issue for many. Our team here at Freedom Movement USA and others will continue to keep you informed. Also check us out on YouTube with our live coverage of local FEMA set up's and much more!




The COVID-19 Survival Guide:

Everything you need to know about the global Corona Virus pandemic

Intro Brandon Harris

First of all, it is the end of the world as we know it. Yes, this may be limited and not many people will die, but sadly with media and online resources covering this virus, I am 100% sure this could be the end of the world as we have always have grown to known it.

Never before have we seen a virus quickly affect so many people around the world and the global economy. As a father, American, and business owner this has been nerve racking. As a human, I am lost in thoughts of survival and growth. I have decided to write this hand guide because for weeks to come the world will be greatly affected by this pandemic.

I am no survival specialist, but there does not seem to be one reliable place for good information. In this guide, we will show you the best practices for helping you and loved ones survive the coronavirus. Hopefully this will help all of your family and most importantly you stay safe and sane!

Brandon Harris

Chapter 1 What is the Corona Virus and How Does It Travel?

There are many types of coronaviruses. It is a common virus that is known to infect your nose, sinuses, and or upper throat. The disease can spread much like the cold or flu. Nearly every person on the planet will get some type of form of this infection once in their lifetime.

Most coronaviruses are not dangerous, but some are. The current virus Covid-19 has been the worst to date. Starting in Wuhan, China it has now taken itself across the world. As of March 20, 2020, Illinois had 422 cases and 5 deaths. This is nothing compared to the rest of the US and or the world. Though the origin of the virus is not known it is believed to have been started by bats and or the Chinese government of which neither theories have been proven true at this time.

The virus seems to be spreading like wildfire and there are many ways it can be transmitted. Below is the list of how that can happen:

Body Fluid - Just like the flu if you cough and saliva and or mucus come out you could infect others almost immediately. Even if you are with loved ones, be sure to cough and sneeze away from them. If you're in public wear a mask. Know if you have the virus this will not help you but if someone coughs or sneezes it will prevent contamination in that way.

Shared Drinks - it is estimated that the Covid-19 Virus can live on surfaces for a different amount of time depending on the surface. It is best to ensure not to share drinks, smoking material, or any other object that enters your mouth with anyone you fear is sick, many people don’t know they are sick or show symptoms. Be safe and don’t share anything with anyone that they touch without washing your hands. Touching anything without washing your hands afterward is a bad Idea. It goes without saying sharing anything that was in another person's mouth is a NO NO.

Packages - Though unproven it is best to wipe all boxes from Amazon, FedEx, UPS and others with a Lysol wipe. Covid-19 can live on surfaces we need to take this precaution. This includes the mail that comes with the mailman everyday. Taking it a step further, you need to wash the counter top you placed the mail on with soap and water.

Sexual Intercourse - Again the swapping of body fluids could result in transmission. Kissing and or sexual contact could very easily spread this disease from one person to the next. To be safe avoid sexual contact if at all possible and definitely be sure to avoid with anyone showing symptoms.

Hand Shakes - Simply shaking someone's hand could cause you to contract the Covid-19 virus. Be sure to be polite with others but keep your distance. This will help you reduce the chances of contracting the virus and or spreading it. The rule of Thumb is keeping a 6 foot distance from people.

Surfaces - Use wipes on carts, baskets, etc to ensure any contaminating particles are killed. This will again reduce you likelihood of transmission.

Using the above tips and ensuring that you follow each will help greatly reduce your likelihood of contracting Coronavirus. The fact is people of all ages are being affected and your safety is essential.

If you maintain these practices and use proper practices you and your family will be thankful. Utilizing these steps will not only keep you and your family but others safe as well!

We also need to think about the warning signs that we have Covid-19. These signs can come in many forms and fashions. We want to be 100% sure you know exactly what you are looking for!

The Covid-19 Survival Guide Coming Soon!


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