Blame Government Failure Not the Citizens, Say’s Freedom Movement USA Chairman

Freedom Movement USA is taking a stand against the new request from Walmart to refrain from carrying firearms openly as well as the removal of ammunition from its stores. Group leader and Chairman Brandon Harris stated: “ Walmart is too busy bending to political pressure to look at the facts”. “We believe in the 2nd amendment and at the same time question why Walmart is not working to demand government agencies do their part correctly”. Brandon Harris, 29, of Joliet, Illinois is referring to the 2nd mass shooting that occurred where government background programs have worked and due to paperwork being misfiled both shooters have gained access to firearms.

Cornel Darden Jr., 34 of Joliet, Illinois, believes that “it’s always about freedom. Walmart, as a business, has a right to not sell ammunition or to set rules for their stores. And we as free citizens have a right not to do business with Walmart. However, Walmart being a very large publicly-traded company has tremendous influence in our society, and we cannot allow that influence to hint at an attack on our 2nd amendment. Walmart’s sensational response is a direct attack by an entity with large influence, to take away our rights and basic freedoms.” “We need to stop holding our citizens accountable for our government’s failures” Harris stated Thursday evening. “We live in a time and place the instant response to terror is to give up our freedoms, and as a nation, we must be prepared to rationalize then respond” If not I fear America as we know it may give up liberties for protection” said Harris.

All in all our current social structure is being hindered.

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