Algonquin Illinois Trump rally huge success for Joe Ptak and co host's Freedom Movement USA

Algonquin Illinois Trump rally huge success for Joe Ptak and co host's Freedom Movement USA

The rally for President Donald Trump in Algonquin Illinois went amazing today. By 9 am nearly 300 conservative activists had shown up to the rally held on Randall Rd in Algonquin Illinois. Local conservative activist Joe Ptak called for a rally after attending a rally before Christmass in Frankfort Illinois by Will County Republican Woman, Will County Central Committee, Will County Young Republicans, Freedom movement USA, Steve Balich and Brandon Harris known as The Tattooed Conservative that had more than 1000 activist present.

Joe an immigrant who lived under socialism is a huge force to be reckoned with given his experience, upbringing, and age. At 68 joe simply posted on linked in and days later nearly 600,000 reacted to his post leading to over 500 people attending the rally today in Algonquin.

Candidates such as Catalina Lauft for Congress and Tom Tarter for US Senate were present as well as many elected officials including Stephen J. Balich a Will County Board member who is also the Secretary of Freedom Movement USA and many more!

Frankfort and Algonquin are the Start of Something Bigger

Brandon Harris (The Tattooed Conservative stated at the rally in Algonquin:

"This is a great start to the bigger picture. We can and will re-elect Donald Trump president and we are planing 53 more rallies this year". Harris like many other leaders also is the founder and Executive Director of Freedom Movement USA who Co-hosted the rally.

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