15 Reason's President Donald Trump is The Best Man For The Job

15 Reason's President Donald Trump is The Best Man For The Job

15 Reason's President Donald Trump is The Best Man For The Job

If you simply do a bit of reasearch you will find hundreds of reasons rather quickly as to why Trump has been an overall amazing president. Simply by back checking his history as president on PromisesKept.com you can learn a ton. We pulled out the top 15 things the Trump administration has done so fat to better the United States and we urge you to stop in and learn more on his site today!

  1. Is the first major tax reform signed in 30 years

  2. Provided tax relief for 82% of middle-class families.

  3. Doubled the Child Tax Credit proving an additional $1,000 per child in tax relief for working parents.

  4. Nearly doubled the standard deduction, a change that simplified the tax filing process for millions of Americans.

  5. Cut taxes for small business by 20%, providing $415 billion in tax relief for small business owners.

  6. pon entering office, President Trump called on Congress to fully fund a wall along the Southern border, to close legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration, to end chain migration, and to eliminate the visa lottery program.

  7. President Trump pulled the United States out of negotiations for a “Global Compact on Migration,” a plan for global governance of immigration and a refugee policy that may have compromised U.S. sovereignty.

  8. After an investigation, the Trump Administration found that global dumping of steel and aluminum had critically weakened the United States capacity to produce steel and aluminum in times with national security implications.

  9. The President exercised his authority to impose a 25 percent global tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent global tariff on aluminum imports in order to protect our national security.

  10. The tariffs on steel and aluminum will reduce imports to levels needed for domestic industries to achieve long-term viability.

  11. In turn, the strengthening of our domestic steel and aluminum industries reduces our reliance on foreign producers.

  12. As a result, these industries will be able to re-open closed mills, sustain a skilled workforce, and maintain or increase production.

  13. In 2018, the Trump Administration signed a $700 billion NDAA to rebuild our military in 2018, the largest amount in history which gave the military a 2.4% pay raise, the biggest since 2010.

  14. In 2017, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act of FY2018 which increased the size of the American Armed Forces for the first time in seven years and authorized nearly $700 billion annually for U.S. defense expenditures.

  15. The Administration actually eliminated 22 regulations for every new regulatory action.

With these s15 line items I dont know about you but im pretty sure most Americans would love to see what can be done in another 4 years of a Trump whitehouse. From,immigration reform, to national security and more it seems as if the Trump administration wanted to be sure their promises were made and keept.


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