1100 Show Up for Frankfort Illinois Trump Rally

1100 Show Up for Frankfort Illinois Trump Rally

Yesterday 1100 Trump Supporter were brought to the front line in Frankfort Il. Brandon Harris the Chairman of the Will County Young Republicans and Freedom Movement USA stated: " this just shows you we are here and we will stand against the Democrats corruption in DC". Harris also stated, " enough is enough, we want Trump he is doing the job right".

The Will County Central Committee Chairman George Pearson, as well as Patty Deiters, were present at the rally. It was an outpour with 1100 Trump supporters standing g for their president and party in Frankfort today.

The event lasted from 10:00 am until 12:00 and it went peacefully. Hundreds of cars and trucks even fire and rescue honked and cheered on the rally members as very few had anything negative to say! 

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