Freedom Movement USA is Committed to hosting 55 Trump Rallys in 90 Days

Our team here at Freedom Movement USA is committed to helping Co-Host and or host 55 rallys in 90 days for president Trump. We have noticed that each rally more and more Republicans are becomming active and we plan on taking this mission all over the nation. Here in Illinois we are extreemly laser focused as well. From the first rally in Frankfort we were allowed to be involved in to the last which we yet to have planned our team wants to WAKE our Republicans up. NOW is the time to win, now is the time to Stop Talking and Start Walking. 

How Can I Host a Freedom Movement USA Rally?

Hosting a Trump Rally with our team is simply fill out the form below and even if you do not have the network or know how we will help you to get your Trump Rally organized! 

I want to Schedule a Trump Rally

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Freedom Movement USA is not a PAC at this time.